Different businesses, same data problems

Although each business is unique and has specific data all businesses face the same problem: Inability to quickly and effectively analyse their data.

This is always due to:

  • Many and varied data sources.
  • Data stored in different places.
  • Data managed by different teams using different techniques.
  • Data organised by people who don’t have the perspective required to fully understand the needs of the business.

Consequently those with knowledge of the business cannot efficiently or effectively get at the data to analyse it.

The result is that executives are forced to make decisions without the best insights that are technically extractable from their data.

Different businesses, same solutions

Commoditised data handling: simply outsource your data management to experienced specialists.

Free your internal resources to analyse the data: Your in-house data professionals get to spend all their time doing the exciting and valuable job of helping make the decisions that will keep your business ahead of the competition.

Minoro frees you from data drudgery

We manage your data using market leading technical skills, the best cloud based data storage and cutting edge software.

Crucially we also have a great depth and breadth of change management skills from long experience of delivering practical data solutions in industry. We’ll ensure our data solution is quickly and painlessly delivered for your business.

Our solutions are cost effective and robust

Our recurring software costs are less than one third the salary of a data engineer and we’re on hand to help you get the most from your newly accessible data.

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Our solutions work with all platforms and all data types


Our solutions are very cost effective because our software automates much of the aggregation of your data. We can automatically connect directly to most available software platforms.

Where automation is not yet possible, our engineers will manually complete the data pipelines to bring you data together for modeling in the Minoro Data Transformation Platform. Our engineers will also resolve any issues as and when they arise so that your data professionals can stay focussed on providing valuable analysis. We are currently working on a more fully automated system, utilising Artificial Intelligence, that will bring even greater efficiencies to our product. Watch this space for updates.


Minoro Data Principles

Extract – load – transform

With the cost of data storage being so low it is now possible to store all your raw data. This allows you to perform any conceivable transformation to answer any conceivable question.

Data Lake & Data Warehouse in single platform

Increase speed and efficiency by keeping your raw data and your curated data together in one place.

Transforms carried out by analysts

There’s no need to have engineers prepare a subset of your data for your analysts. You can avoid the time and effort involved in communication between analysts and engineers and eliminate the risk of miscommunication.

Benefit to Analysts

Take control of your Transform & Orchestration.

Our simple user interface allows data transforms and modelling to be created and orchestrated without engineers involved.

Write standard SQL.

No markup required.

Schedule and orchestrate in the Minoro app.

Automatic transform orchestration and fully controllable scheduling, all in one place.

Set times and dates and frequency in a visual interface.

Run ingests and transforms as often as necessary, all within the application – quick and simple.

Leverage the power of Minoro’s auto dependency discovery.

Quickly and easily figure out upstream and downstream dependencies for your transforms.

Makes working with complex dependencies simple.

Simplify and accelerate working with the transform layer, thanks to the visualisations in our one-stop-shop application.

Log all changes and job executions.

No more messing around with Git integrations.

Cloud Data Storage

You’ll benefit from the advantages of the cloud provider you choose and we handle the management of these systems for you. Your data is backed up with a high degree of redundancy and we deploy many of the advanced systems in the respective clouds into a modern data infrastructure on your behalf.


We can help you manage your data easily by integrating it into a single point of reference and implement rules to eliminate incorrect data. This will result in streamlining your data sharing process across all departments and provide you the assurance that this data is of the highest quality.

Reporting Platform

We can deploy your choice of commercial reporting system or a cost effective reporting solution with similar capabilities. This is ideal for organisations looking for a streamlined option at a more affordable rate, with a simple interface and powerful data reporting and visualisation capabilities.

Single Customer View

We can provide a consistent and clear representation of your customers from the data that you provide, which can be viewed in one single easily accessible place. This will be ideal for an organisation that would like to analyse previous customer behavior and use this to make better decisions. It will help you work out how to acquire more customers and improve your relationships with the customers you already have.



If you are processing or storing customer data then you need to consider the impact of new GDPR legislation. We can help you ensure you preserve business value in your data while remaining compliant and protecting your customer’s privacy and rights.



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