Minoro is a managed data integration and preparation service.

Minoro was founded to help support you with ensuring that you can maximise the return from your data without having to divert excessive resources to this task. Large companies have teams of dozens of data engineers, database administrators, analysts and data scientists. How can you compete? The answer is Minoro.

Being data driven is the key to making effective business decisions and this is where Minoro can help. We deliver data engineering as a service and will provide a platform which requires minimal initial resource to get started with but can scale with you as you grow and evolve your data requirements. We enable you to focus on analysis and allow you to start generating value from your data rapidly without having to build out a costly engineering function. Hire analysts, not engineers. Build skills in understanding your customers, not skills in data for data’s sake.


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Andrew Thomas


Andrew helped take Just Eat through its £1.5 Bn IPO and then headed up teams in BI, Data Science and Data Systems at the company over a period which saw market cap grow by over 170%. Andrew is currently at notonthehighstreet.com as Director of Data.

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Matt Sawyer


Matt also helped take Just Eat through its IPO and was Director of Data at Momondo through its $550 Mn sale to Priceline. Matt currently is Director of Data at Trainline and specialises in data strategy at scale.

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Ben Long


Ben has many years of experience working in online media and building cloud big data platforms. He has experience working for companies ranging from small startups to the Trinity Mirror Group. Ben also has built and run several digital businesses.


Data is among your most valuable assets if you can unlock its potential.

We create a fully managed cloud infrastructure for you which grows with you and ensures you are not paying for capacity you don't need. You get cutting edge cloud data tech from the best providers in the business Amazon, Google or Microsoft. We handle security, maintenance and scaling up or down as your business requirements dictate.

Your analysts can either directly leverage the power of these next generation databases or connect to them through best in class visualisation and analysis tools. We can provide hosted managed deployments of Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Mode or any system you choose. Pick technologies your team can work quickly and efficiently with.


You'll benefit from the advantages of the cloud provider you choose and we handle the management of these systems for you. Your data is backed up with a high degree of redundancy and we deploy many of the advanced systems in the respective clouds into a modern data infrastructure on your behalf.


We can deploy your choice of commercial reporting system or a cost effective reporting solution with similar capabilities. This is ideal for organisations looking for a streamlined option at a more affordable rate, with a simple interface and powerful data reporting and visualisation capabilities.


If you are processing or storing customer data then you need to consider the impact of new GDPR legislation. We can help you ensure you preserve business value in your data while remaining compliant and protecting your customer's privacy and rights.


We also provide additional data for you to help you unlock even more value from your data. Talk to us about our augmentation services which take your existing data and enrich this for much more powerful analysis.


We have extensive knowledge and experience of working with many of the leading technologies and data sources including: Some of the technologies we support


Did you know that up to 80% of time spent on generating insight can be in cleaning and preparing the data first? We'll gather your data for you from all the sources you may have, transactional, web, CRM software, point of sale, payments and many more. We bring this together in a clean and logical structure and make sure this is updated and maintained.

We pack a huge amount of value and customisation into our service focusing on getting it right first time. You get the years of experience our team has built up, focusing on the right solution for you. We will figure out how best to structure your data so that the most value can be extracted from it quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on growing analysis capabilities in our clients ensuring that they have the competitive edge needed to stay ahead. We've massively reduced the cost and time to deliver this type of solution.

Your core systems can be online in under a month from point of engagement, including integration, cleaning, and deployment of your systems and reporting platform. This speed of execution is how our customers leapfrog their competition in data competency.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you get the most from your data.


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